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Technical writing
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01. Translation

Always staying true to your message, this is Permutation’s vision of translation. Our strengths: understanding the context, furthering research and meticulously applying your industry’s terminology.

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02. Revision

Your documentation is a reflection of your company—so be sure to put your best foot forward. At Permutation, spelling and grammar are just the beginning. Our strength is making sure your texts are logical and coherent. And style? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of that as well.

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03. Technical writing

We create clear, simple and user-friendly documents. Our strength is our ability to determine your needs, gather information and consolidate it into a document that is meant to be used—not read cover to cover. We work with your team to develop pragmatic and task-oriented documents.

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04. Document management

In today’s fast-paced workplace, you need an efficient way to create dynamic, multi-platform content. Need to edit a paragraph that’s on your website, in three user guides and in two brochures? Streamlined content management systems let you modify everything from a single platform, ensuring standardized and coherent content.

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Some of our clients



Dairy Farmers of Canada


Dietitians of Canada


Canadian Academy of Health Sciences


Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology


Euclid Canada




Université de Montréal




You wouldn’t trust your health to just anyone—so why trust your documents to someone that doesn’t specialize in your field? At Permutation, we focus on the health industry and we’ll go the extra mile to use your specific terminology and the style appropriate to your audience. If you’re tired of receiving documents that still need revising, give us a call.


Technical documents require research and understanding. Who is the document for and what are their actual needs? Is it logical and coherent? For us, it’s a puzzle—we carefully assess each piece before adding it to the whole. Our approach: making sure documents are as simple as they are practical.


In today’s world, you don’t just want to convey a message, you want to connect and engage with your audience. Through words that inspire, challenge or raise awareness, you can stir emotions, prompt a reaction, or instill a call to action. And when crisis hits, you need powerful, honest words to manage the situation. Our experts will make sure your communications meet your exact needs.


Maude Maher-Bussières, B.Eng.

As a business owner, I understand that documentation is at the heart of every company. My mission: giving it the attention it deserves. My passion: tackling ever more complex challenges. My reward: knowing that the documentation we produce at Permutation will truly be useful to readers.

My motto: “If you don’t have a clear grasp of the text, you cannot translate it well.”

Myrianne Côté, B.Eng.

I love learning and finding answers—that’s why I love my job. My challenge: getting the right message across to our clients’ audience. My method: digging deeper and pushing my research just that much further. My reward: knowing that each time we deliver a project, readers are getting exactly what they were hoping for.

My motto: “No one can achieve perfection, but we can definitely produce something spectacular by three o’clock!”


Do you love research? Are you passionate about language? Permutation is always on the hunt for new talent.

If you have experience or training in health, technology or communications as well as in translation, revision or writing, then we’re looking for you.

Job openings

French-to-English Translator

Key tasks include researching terminology and translating documents using SDL Trados Studio.

English Reviser

Key tasks include revising translations, researching and standardizing terminology as well as improving style and ensuring flow.


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